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Finals Week Spring 2018

Grade check

As we near the end of the term, I recommend that you login to Moodle and check the "Grades" section to make sure that you are on track for the grade you want or feel you can live with. Time is short to make up missing assignments and in line with my Extensions & Make-ups Policy, I may not agree to credit all missing work, but it would still be better to ask than not if that work is going to adversely affect your grade.

Following my Grading Policy, remember that your final grade will be based on your average completion rate of credited assignments. To get an accurate account of your progress, you will want to calculate that average yourself. The total percentage in Moodle is not an average, but is for all submitted work.


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Becky Bond

Is there anything we can do for extra credit for the end of the term? Like post more on the blog or submit something?

Shaun Huston


The closest I have to extra credit is my Attendance and Participation policy:

If you are worried about a specific assignment, you can always ask about making that up. You also have the final self-assessment to address any gaps in your record.

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